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Alpha will be alpha

But I should at least make sure the Mac users can even start LCDHost before releasing it. I’ll blame the fact that 15 was the first Mac release and I haven’t yet got the routines down. Anyhow, alpha 15c for Mac has been released. This time it starts without screaming “executable file has been altered”, and as consolation, some of Triscopics plugins that I recently ported to OS/X are included. They’re completely untested, but hey, alpha will be alpha. Update: 15c now also allows you to save layouts without adding ‘.xml’ manually to the layout file name.

Download alpha 15c for Mac on the homepage.

Plugin source code now on Google Code

From alpha 16 forwards, the plugin source code will no longer be included with the distribution. Instead, the main repository is now on Google Code. This will allow myself and plugin writers to more effectively develop the code. I’m also adding a link to the source code repository in the menu on the right.

LCDHost Alpha 15

For anyone new to LCDHost, LCDHost is a compositing plugin manager for LCD’s. It’s primarily targeted towards the Logitech G19, but it will work with the G13 and G15 too. The screenshot on the right is from Ender91’s new layout.

What’s new in LCDHost alpha 15:

  • LCDHost is now available for OS/X.
  • Change: Log files are now stored in the data directory on OS/X.
  • Fix: RSS class now handles query parameters correctly.
  • Dev: Added button and listbox setup items.
  • Added: Menu item under tools to remove obsolete setup items from a layout.
  • Fix: Network bandwidth suffix was shown even when percentage display was selected.
  • Change: LH_FLAG_READONLY setup items now loads stored values, LH_FLAG_NOSAVE replaces old functionality.
  • Dev: lh_cb_load_layout now copies parameter data and expects it to be UTF-8 encoded.
  • LH_Lua: Now embeds the ‘cairo’ graphics library, no need to ‘require “lcairo”‘.
  • LH_Lua: Font handling abstracted to remove platform dependencies.
  • Fix: Change events for setup items now only fire on actual data change.
  • Fix: File selection setup items now show all paths as relative to layout.
  • Fix: Changing min/max for supported setup items now clamp the current value.
  • Fix: Downloading public keys are now done in parallell and only once per key.
  • Fix: Spurious characters could be seen with some fonts with LH_Text suffixes.
  • Added: “Show units” as an option for numeric text items such as network usage.
  • New application icon by Ender91.

Download it on the home page.

A15 Plugin Updates

Veeery soon SirReal will be releasing LCDHost A15. There are a number of enhancements to the plugins which I’ll be posting about over the next few days in their relevant threads in the forum, but the main changes are… Read more »

Almost done.

The (hopefully) final build of LCDHost alpha 15 just got built. As soon as Triscopic has had a final look at it and gives it the thumbs-up, I’ll release A15. This will be the first dual platform release. Mac users shouldn’t expect too much though. Only the basic plugins (i.e. not Triscopics) are included. And while Lua classes work, the more advanced Lua functionality that is provided by QtCore and QtNetworking on Windows aren’t yet available on the Mac. In addition, as most of you already know, the Logitech drivers on the Mac are… somewhat unreliable. There’s nothing I can do about that, unfortunately.