Monthly Archives: September 2011

LCDHost Alpha 20

Hopefully A20 brings it back to the same level as A18 was. I’m really starting to appreciate the mercurial repository now. It takes a while to get the hang of it, but now it’s quite easy to maintain the LCDHost plugin API5 version you’re all using while hacking on the dev code. I just wish I had named the branch API5 rather than A19.

  • Installed layouts are set read-only, as they are removed on uninstall
  • Add warning on failed layout save
  • Refuse https download URLs, change them into http ones
  • Refix no antialiasing bug

The autoupdater should already be active for Windows, OS/X to follow soon.

LCDHost Alpha 19

The development version of LCDHost isn’t yet ready to be released, so to avoid A18 from timing out I’m re-releasing it as A19 (with some minor tweaks). For those looking at the source repo, there’s now an A19 branch which will let you pull this particular state of the repository. Windows A19 is already up for download using the auto-updater, and as soon as I’ve packaged the OS/X, I’ll put that up as well and add the manual download links to the homepage.