Monthly Archives: February 2013

LCDHost Alpha 26

What’s new in LCDHost 0.0.26:

  • First Linux release (Ubuntu 12.10 64-bit, Qt 4.8.3)
  • Update to Qt 4.8.4 on Windows and OS/X
  • Update to openssl-0.9.8x
  • New centralized logger
  • Increase rate limit trigger to help LH_Monitoring
  • Exits on window close if no systray available
  • Distribute HID api as shared library to avoid resource contention
  • Lots of HID testing and workarounds for OS/X Mountain Lion
  • Support G13/G15/G19 output on Linux
  • Removed LH_Lua as it’s broken beyond repair
  • Fix week number formatting
  • Lots of fixes to allow compiling with msvs2010
  • Lots of fixes to be compatible with Qt5

The autoupdater will get it for you, or download it from the LCDHost homepage.

I’ll add a download link for the Linux version to the homepage ASAP. Please read the enclosed README.linux and if you find it confusing, please ask your local Linux guru for help rather than me.