Monthly Archives: May 2012

LCDHost Alpha 25

What’s new in LCDHost alpha 25:

  • Removed time limit since the autoupdater is working well
  • Use QNetworkProxyFactory::setUseSystemConfiguration()
  • Fixed welcome box centering on multimonitor setups
  • Refresh output device list on device removal
  • Only warn about old link styles on first occurence
  • Hopefully fixed the nonpropagation of linked items at initial load
  • LH_Lg160x43: Dont use HID path as persistent device ID
  • LH_Lg160x43: Refresh device list every 2 seconds
  • LH_Lg160x43: Fixed G13/G15 I/O with the new hidapi
  • LH_Lg320x240: Fixed G19 I/O with the new libusb
  • LH_DataViewer: Basic functionality available on OS/X
  • layouts/g19-eos/Eos.xml: Fixed TS3 monitoring links

Use the autoupdater or download manually from the homepage.

LCDHost Alpha 24

What’s new in LCDHost alpha 24:

  • Updated Qt to 4.8.1
  • Updated bundled libusb library
  • Updated bundled hidapi library
  • setLink() warns when old link syntax is used, sets NOSAVE for links
  • Removed workaround for QTBUG-17890
  • Removed workaround for QTBUG-6073
  • LH_Mailcount: Corrected include path for LH_Text.h
  • LH_Lg320x240: Thread joining reworked
  • LH_LgLcdMan: Thread joining reworked
  • LH_WebKit/WebKit_Server: Show message while waiting for worker thread to stop

If the autoupdater fails, you can get it from theĀ LCDHost homepage