Monthly Archives: March 2012

LCDHost Alpha 23

What’s new in LCDHost alpha 23:

  • Link UI has been reworked
  • Connect links on item creation
  • Debug dialog has been reworked
  • Don’t submit render ops for invisible items
  • Resize instance to image size when the layout and plugin both want default sizes
  • Accept layout to load as command line argument
  • Added systray context menu
  • Show welcome dialog centered and correctly sized
  • Switching an instance from invisible to visible triggers a new render
  • Added tooltip to data link button showing current subscription
  • Don’t pre-render text if state() isn’t available
  • LH_Weather: Moved to data linking for inter-object comms
  • LH_DataViewer: Minor fix for reading multi-step memory pointers
  • LH_Cursor: Fixed selection not applying on layout load. Added global favourite layout trigger
  • LH_Monitoring: Updated HWiNFO to API3, fixed bug in graph
  • LH_Monitoring: fix bug in monitoring graphs & Ymax/Ymin
  • LH_DataViewer: Added reading text values from memory, misc bug fixes
  • LH_DriveStats: Fixed minor units bug
  • LH_Dial: fixed tick marks, added tick colours
  • LH_NowPlaying: Added ability to disable certain players if desired
  • LH_Text: Added support for week numbers using ww or w for week number with & without a leading zero respectively.
  • LH_Monitoring: Afterburner code fixed for non-game fps being float max
  • LH_Weather: Fixed bug in day/night detection
Get it from the LCDHost homepage.