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LCDHost Alpha 18

A quick release to fix the most glaring bugs in A17.

  • Limit polling to 60Hz (up from 40), don’t warn on limiting.
  • Text objects now default to anti-aliasing.
  • Text objects now default to their A16 sizes.

This time the autoupdater should handle things just fine. Or, get it from the LCDHost homepage.

LCDHost Alpha 17

For anyone new to LCDHost, LCDHost is a compositing plugin manager for LCD’s. It’s primarily targeted towards the Logitech G19, but it will work with the G13 and G15 too.

Although A16 introduced auto-updating, because of the huge amounts of restructuring we’ve been coding right up to the wire. That means the A16 will have expired for most people by the time A17 was released and that means the auto-updater won’t be able to run – so if LCDHost does not run for you, please download A17 in the good old-fashioned way.

Here is a list of some of the things that are new:

What’s new in LCDHost alpha 17:

  • Rather massive internal restructuring to allow plugins to have setup items.
  • Allow linking of setup items to each other. Together with the above item, it allows the separation of data sources, like the system e-mail count, and data sinks, like an image showing a letter or some text showing the numeric count.
  • Allow instances to be hidden from view using plugin APIs.
  • Setting the web update checking interval now works.
  • Weather settings have moved from the layout to the “plugin settings” panel on the plugins page. Layouts will no longer need customising per user just to get the weather settings.
    • Due to time constraints, the weather translation features have been disabled. Expect these to make a return soon.
  • Cursors have had an overhaul – cursor pages now work as they should have done all along: place items inside a page and they will all be hidden when the page is not active. This does however mean old layouts using cursor pages will need updating.
  • Conditional Formatting: text and bar items now support conditional formatting – colours, fonts and more can be changed when the value meets certain criteria. Graphs and Dials will receive similar love and attention soon.
  • Monitoring items have had another overhaul: their value dependant formatting has been removed in favour of using the conditional formatting code (see the included Eos theme for more examples of how this is done).

Download link on the LCDHost homepage.

Late as usual.

Yes, I know it’s starting to expire… me and Triscopic are working furiously to get a new one out ASAP. Stay tuned.