Monthly Archives: April 2013

LCDHost Alpha 28

Whats new in LCDHost 0.0.28:

  • Fixed –hidden startup bug
  • Fixed network bandwidth measurements
  • Include LH_DriveStats on Windows
  • Installer tries to clean out old .DLLs
  • Installer includes MS Visual C++ 10 runtimes

Remember to take a backup of your layouts before updating. The Windows installer for A28 tries to remove all old DLL’s and binaries from the LCDHost install directory – hopefully this will help people still stuck on A25.

LCDHost Alpha 27

Whats new in LCDHost 0.0.27:

  • Data linking bug fixed
  • Updated Qt to 5.0.2
  • Windows version now compiled with MSVC
  • Replaced libusb with libusbx
  • Fixed hidapi handle leak on Windows
  • Added standard layouts to google code repository
  • …and lots of bug fixes in general

The autoupdater will get it for you, or download it from theĀ LCDHost homepage.

Qt 5 isn’t binary compatible with Qt 4, so it’s essential that A26 is completely uninstalled.
Take a backup of your layouts directory, uninstall, remove any remaining traces of A26 and install A27.
You will need the Visual C++ 2010 runtime installed (MSVCR100.DLL).
If alpha 27 doesn’t work for you, old versions of LCDHost are still available: