LCDHost Alpha 37

Just a quick fix to remove the LH_Graph crash in A36.


  1. No longer works since I tried out alpha 35…
    Alpha 36 and alpha 37 gives the same error message at startup.

    When I try to run “Start LCDHost” I get the following error-message:

    Title: “LCDHost.exe – Application Error”
    Icon: Error message icon (white cross in red disc)
    Message: “The application was unable to start correctly (0xc000007b). Click OK to close the application.”
    Buttons: “OK”

    Apart from this, I have been a happy user for a long time now using both this and LCDSirReal.
    – Thanks for sharing and hope you can fix the bug 🙂

  2. Windows 7 64bit, using the 64 bit version of LCDHost. 😛

  3. The graph is very buggy when using the native system monitoring devices. It only updates when the layout is reloaded or when the value has been computed in any way.
    While per Core usage wont work average will.

  4. Hi
    I’ve tryed yours amazing software in a VM running Windows 7 Ultimate (x86) without any problems, the app is simply perfect..!
    But the real problems come when i launch the app’s OSX version because a lot of plugins (like the Monitoring plugins or the LH_LgLcdMan and many other) won’t start.
    Do you think to release an update for fix these problems?

    Kind regards,

  5. first of all great tools you offer and a nice page.
    couldn’t find a contactform so it have to be this way.
    why is everything for free beside the smallest oldest tool LCDSirReal the only one that costs money for full usage without annoyances?
    no question is your tool one of the best in that particular sector.. but why so inconsistant and charging min.5€ for a small tiny mini tool, while nearly everything else is free?
    it’s not complaining because i’m too greedy to pay a few bucks. usually i’d love to pay a few bucks for a good tool. but beside the not so tiny price and because it’s the only one that you charge for…it leaves a bad feeling.
    But in the end: who bloody cares about last gen stuff and their users… am i right?

    so you probably think i’m just a importunate beggar..

  6. Hi There
    Im Often in TS3 Servers where 3 / 4 People speaks at the same time.
    I would like to see one names under the other names. With the LH_TS3/TS3SpeakingText the names are one after each others.
    Is there a possibility to create a line break (instead of the coma) in the text field? Or is there a was to create multiple Classes for the four first speaking people?
    Regards, Marco

  7. Any news on alpha 38?
    Since the HWiNFO part of the monitor plugin is broken for quite a while now, which is a real pitty…

  8. I have the same problem and have found the same issue in 36 and 37. 32bit installs however doesn’t show on 64bit driver g19’s

  9. is there a fix for this yet… I was using it for years… formatted installed current g19 software & lcdhost alpha on windows 7 got this error… I am now on windows 10… & I get the same error

  10. Having the same issue just did a fresh install of windows 10 x64.

  11. Erm. Sorry for asking, but could anyone tell me how to use that? I’ve downloaded LCDHost for win7 64 bit, the program itself works( Ithink) but lcd display doesn’t ever change

  12. Maybe I’m doing something wrong, but can’t make weather plugin to work. I mean LH_Weather.dll Was changing city to New York, Moscow, London and other, but “Location not recognised”. Updated it from early version, completely deleted LCDHost and then installed 0.37 – no success, weather not working :(.

  13. Just set up two systems, full clean installs. One system runs LCDHost just fine. The other CTD on load. Both systems are clean new Windows 10 installs. One is Windows 10 Home, the other Windows 10 Pro

    If the author ever decides to support his tool again, perhaps he can find the problem.. Right now irritated because I depended on it to monitor temperatures of my systems.

  14. I just upgraded from win 7 to win 10 and lcdhost stopped working , was getting 0xc000007b error.

    I fixed it by installing the 32 bit version instead of the 64 bit version and it is working perfectly.

    I am using win 10 64 bit pro, .net framework 4.5 all installed.

    Good luck guys and thanks sir real, I can’t live without this program!