Monthly Archives: January 2012

LCDHost Alpha 22

What’s new in LCDHost alpha 22:

  • DistPlugin won’t halt if the file is already uploaded to googlecode
  • Save and load data links properly
  • Data links UI now correctly reflects link state
  • LH_Backlight: Now updates device backlight color on link data change
  • LH_Weather: Translations are back, but they are manual now (Google Translate is now a paid service)
  • LH_NowPlaying: Several Fixes, Added Status Images & Ratings
  • LH_Monitoring: Major overhaul
  • LH_Logic: Added the LogicBox plugin
  • LH_Cursor: Major overhaul
  • LH_Dial: Multiple Fixes
  • LH_DriveStats: Text objects can now have fixed units
  • LH_LCoreReboot: Can now restart LCore if it has been closed already
Get it from the LCDHost homepage.