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Phoca Download sh404sef plugin

This is a sh404SEF plugin for the Joomla component Phoca Download. The original code was written by Branislav Maksin. I’ve rewritten most of it to make it suit my needs better. Use at your own risk. The plugin will generate SEF’s in the form menuitem/section/category/file. I used it with my Joomla site before I switched to WordPress. There’s no support for several languages or different settings, but the code is trivial and should be very easy to modify to your own needs.

Worth noting is that even though the Phoca Download administrative interface doesn’t allow you to create nested categories, it’s database does. This extension supports nested categories.

Phoca Download sh404sef plugin

Script to update a dynamic DNS service that uses URL’s

Many ISP’s and web hosting companies offer DynDNS services that require fetching an URL using a HTTP GET request with some parameters. While there are software out there that can do this for you, all you really need is a small shell script. This script requires wget, grep and sed, all of which are available on pretty much every Unix system. It caches the current IP in /tmp/current_ip and only updates if that’s changed or missing. You’ll need to change the URL, hostname, username and password inside the script.

DynDNSURL.sh shell script

Script to update a Amazon’s Route 53 like a dynamic DNS service

Amazon Route 53 is as of this writing still quite new (in beta), and the current interface for it is quite hard to use. I wrote this script to update an IP address for a given host in a Route 53 zone if the public IP of my machine changes. This script doesn’t cache the current IP – rather, it compares the A record in DNS against the current public IP, and if they don’t match (or there is no such record), updates (or creates) it. You’ll need to edit the script to change several parameters. Since the script embeds the Amazon ID and secret key it is vitally important that you protect it from unauthorized access. You have been warned.

Route 53 DynDNS shell script