LCDHost is now open-source

After requests, deliberations, volunteers, refactoring and scrubbing, LCDHost now lives on github.

Licensing is mixed – the plugins will keep their previous license (usually BSD) but the main program and support libraries will be GPLv3. One notable exception is that the packaging system is not there, as it requires too many secrets (passwords, key pairs and the like) to work properly.

I’ll review pull requests as they come in and package it up when needed. Other people will of course be free to simply fork it and package it themselves if they want (although this always comes with a risk of community fragmentation).


  1. That’s exciting news.

    Now if only I had enough time to look at any of my source code!

    Happy to revise the licences in any of my old plugins if necessary.

    (And I’ve jsut found the email you sent me, ooops!)

  2. thanks SirReal 😀