LCDHost Alpha 35

Please note that both Windows and Linux versions are now 64-bit. The auto-updater will not notify a 32-bit user about a 64-bit version, so changing from 32 to 64-bit versions will require you to manually download a copy.

The changes required to allow Qt 5.2.1 to be used required extensive refactoring, so keep a copy of LCDHost Alpha 34 in case this version breaks your layouts or crashes.

Whats new in LCDHost 0.0.35:

  • Added --disable-systray and --enable-systray to allow overriding
    the default platform setting (enabled on Windows/Mac, disabled on Linux)
  • Updated to Qt 5.2.1
  • Windows version is now 64-bit, compiled with VS2012
  • Linux version is again 64-bit, built on Debian 7.1
  • Removed dependency on OpenSSL
  • Double-clicking the system tray icon restores the main window
  • Fixed drive listing in LH_DriveStats
  • Fixed LH_Bar trying to open nonexistant image files
  • Fixed LH_LogicBox attempting to hide itself before initialized
  • Fixed warning about memory information not being present on startup
  • Fixed RSS text trying to render itself before initialized
  • LH_WeatherData() had a constructor that did not initialize all members
  • Serialize plugin loading to prevent Qt font engine data races on OS/X

Always back-up your layouts before updating. If weather info doesn’t show properly, change the location setting for the LH_Weather plugin.


  1. Hey SirReal,
    Thanks for the update. Nothing broken with my layouts. Also appreciate the linux version.
    Thanks again.

  2. Calimero Oeuf

    Always good.

    Will there be in the future a plugin for Total download and total upload like in LCDSirReal

    I’m already waiting for it.

  3. Somehow Fraps-Graph doesn’t work anymore

  4. Just fired it up and nothing to report; and this is a good thing!

    Thank you again for the update.

  5. the pull-down menu of the layout, this crashes the application, or when you try to change the type of monitoring application, lcdhost stops working, you can not solve the problem? happen is a known problem or just me?, thank you for answers 😕 😕

    • Not a known problem. Please post on the forum Which version are you using and the LCDHost log file.