LCDHost Alpha 34

Another quick release. A33 fixed the global float-to-qreal replacing that messed up some of the LH_Monitoring interface structures. A34 fixes data linking (and thus LH_Weather). Hopefully.

Always back-up your layouts before updating.


  1. every time I try to install I get this message

    installer integrity check failed.common cuase include incomplete download and damaged media. contact the installer’s author to obtain a new copy.

    I tried 6 time to re-download it but I get the same msg every time

    im running win 7 64 bit if that helps thanks 😀

  2. I can’t figure out how to get RSS feeds to scroll. They change between the entries ok but the text just won;t scroll when it is longer than the box it is contained in. Do I need to set something to get it to move?

  3. Thanks, very great Job ! 🙂
    Exactly what i was looking for.
    LCDHost allows me to put everything i always wanted to see at the same time on my G19 Screen.

  4. Please give us a 64bit Linux version again. I am am stuck using Alpha 29 still because it’s 64bit.

    • Unfortunately the Qt team no longer sees desktop platforms as a priority, and keep getting regressions (meaning they reintroduce old bugs) and break existing code. I’m unable to build LCDHost with it at this time. I’m working on plan B.

  5. Hi, first of all, I have a Logitech G510m and am running windows 7 pro x64. I can not figure out where i need to save the .xml file generated via the save command withing the LCDHost GUI. I am far from being a programmer, so these things confuse me readily.

    Secondly, I am looking to create a plugin for this, to allow me to see the current statistics from my 3D printer. These numbers come from an arduino connection, so I imagine they shouldn’t be that hard to create a “bridge” for. (again, my lack of terminology should give you an idea of how little i know of programming).

    I’m not asking for you to give me a hand-out, i already am a paid registered LCDsirreal user, and love it. you’ve already done plenty for me by providing the applet! What i am looking for from you is perhaps information pertaining to what type of person i should hunt down to help me out with this. Does anyone who knows a fair amount of CPP have a good enough working knowledge to complete a project such as this? Or, am i looking for someone with a certain specialization?

    Thanks in advance for any assistance you can provide me in this regard. and again, thanks for SirReal, its pretty awesome.

  6. Can you at least give me alpha 34 in 64bit then?
    you only have it as a 32bit download.

    • I will try.

    • Alpha 35 is now available, which is 64-bit.

      • Thankyou very much, It works but I might have to stick to alpha29 still. The –enablesystray doesn’t give me a tray icon. And –hidden doesn’t work. So it’s very annoying on startup to have the window open up.

        • * –enable-systray

        • Yeah, Qt5 have issues with the system tray / notification area. It hasn’t worked on Linux for a very long time. I’ll have a look at the –hidden switch.

          • Very strange that qt has problems with system tray. I run KDE as my desktop, which is made entirely with qt.

          • Ah, well KDE might work. Ironically, I haven’t tested it. I’ve fixed the –hidden and some issues with systray on Linux in dev though.